Monday, September 10, 2007

Kid intuition

Cassie came to me last night while I was in the tub and asked me if I ever saw stuff when I closed my eyes. I asked her what she meant, like a dream or a picture or a scene? She said she closed her eyes and saw herself running out of her room crying because Caramel (our guinea pig) died.

I told her to go pet Caramel, she hasn't been acting right for a couple weeks now and she didn't eat last night.

Well Caramel died in her sleep and so everyone is a little sad right now. We got her in December and we didn't know how old she was. I believe she was just old and it was her time to go, Jason is going to bury her in a bit.

Cassie knew that she was going to die, she sensed it.


justjuls said...

Poor baby.

Never underestimate children. They are way more intuned than we are. We were taught to listen to all the voices of people around us - we are allowing ours to listen to something deeper inside.

Tina said...

We've lost 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 hamster. All within the past 4 years. Very hard. All were known to have been "going". It's extremely stressful. Thinking of you all.

Penny said...

Hugs to all of you. Kids are so amazing.

Grace Walker said...

Whoa! Amazing....I've had things happen like this before too and it brings with it mixed emotions sometimes, ya know? We've lost little pets too and it's sad that they have such short lifespans.

Thinking of you all,