Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not sure what to call it

Ok... I don't know what I'm posting about, random thoughts I guess.

So much is going on, so much happens everyday, so many questions asked by the kids.

Today my friend was here briefly and she said I was so calm and tranquil, back up a few phone calls ago, she told me she was getting sleepy talking to me, I'm like what am I boring or something? She said no there is a calm in your voice that is relaxing me. This is funny because I am pretty uptight and impatient but I TRY not to be some days it doesn't matter how hard I try. Sunday was a bomb it was like a bad day of PMS even though flo just ended. I'm on a new remedy and it is messing with my hormones as we try to find the right dose.

So today she is like you are so calm as Cassie is having a thing, all the kids are outside you know, swirling hooks and shovels, you are so calm as you talk to them. Look at how you picked up those legos... It's so funny but she is right today, I was calm like not my usual uptight self, I was tired though I'm not sleeping well. It was just funny to me because I'm not usually like that but I want to be like that, I want to be peaceful even when things around me aren't.

I'm reading The Unprocessed Child and was trying to explain that to her, I will do a seperate post on that when I finish the book.

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justjuls said...

I liked the Unprocessed Child - and got to know Valerie Fitzenreiter as an online friend after reading the book. She's a neat lady. I found some of the ways she did things a little bit difficult to apply in a house with THREE children, but she helped me rethink some things. There are a couple of great interviews with her daughter Laurie and her on NPR's website. Check it out.
Your blog is pretty dang relaxing too - I'm going for an afternoon nap now! hee hee