Thursday, September 20, 2007


Do you ever look at things in the past and remember goals or plans and think how different things turned out?

Let's go back 20 years, ouch that hurts, okay I'm 36 now I can handle it, I think...

I was very career oriented, I had career goals, I was going to manage and then own a Hotel. I love hotels, big beautiful glorious ones of course, I used to watch the TV show Hotel, I know it was cheesy but I loved it. I have been to some beautiful ones just as a tourist and I have stayed in a few really nice ones. I went to college for Hotel Management, didn't graduate, I decided that having a baby was more important :)

My goals never involved kids, I was going for the career, I had to be in charge, I had to be the boss, working for someone else was never my goal.

Well, here I am the mother of 4 wonderfully made children, I don't own a hotel but we own a house and I manage it :)

I'm not the boss though, well maybe just a little, I am the facilitator of this establishment and all who live in it. I am the go to girl, the answerer, the researcher, the finder, the mom come here, the game player, drawer, colorer, cooker, cleaner, player, reader, how do you spell this, what does this say, mom can watch this...and so much more.

How different things can turn out from how we thought they would.

We are fostering an independence in our kids, my hope for them is to be who they are and not take heat from some authority figure. I hope they will be independent thinkers of their own free will, non -conformists, entreprenuers. Whatever they decide I just want them to be happy with themselves and the choices they make.

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Stephanie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for visitng my blog, and leaving a comment.
It looks to me like you are rather fond of life's magic, too,I'll be sure to check back and see how it's going!