Tuesday, September 04, 2007


That word doesn't look right but I don't feel like looking it up and spelling is my strong suit, LOL!

A really hot bath and wine is such a huge help for me to relax. I don't really relax otherwise, you know me I'm the type A, compulsive, control freak with ADD who can't sit still to a name a few :)

There is a key to this though I must take care of everyone's needs first or else it will not be relaxing. In a house full of kids there are always interuptions, actually Jared was named *the interrupter* but then they all were. Babies have a sixth sense if someone is near their nummies, LOL! I wasn't intending to post about that!

I don't usually get into the tub until 2am because you know those crazy unschoolers keep odd hours...

My other therapy session is vacuuming, I love to vacuum, no really... but I have to turn it off every two seconds because someone HAS to tell me something. You can think I'm weird because I am but my friend likes to mow the lawn, now that is weird!

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