Thursday, September 13, 2007

So called friends

There is a little girl that lives near us that Cassie liked to play with. She only sees her once in awhile if she is out because it seemed that she was never allowed to play. How a child cannot be allowed to play is beyond me.

Lately Cass has been telling me things that this girl says, well for one she told her that she doesn't like brown people. Cassie happens to be friends with some brown kids that live near us. Our kids have never even noticed skin color before and we don't make it out to be anything. So that brought up a discussion that no matter what color we are, we are all people and God created all of us.

Last night Cassie's tire blew out on her bike, we had one spare tire on an old bike that was still good, so Jason swapped them. Cassie was a little upset because she now has one white tire and one black tire. We told her that is all we have right now to fix the bike and she could decide if she wants to ride it or not. It only took a few minutes for her to start riding her bike and it worked.

Tonight the kids down the street were out and Cassie went up to play with them. She wasn't up there very long she came home and said they were still out but she wanted to come home. A little while later she went out and played here at our house then she came in and told me why she came home early. The little girl told Cassie that her bike looked stupid with different color tires. I told Cassie that real friends don't treat each other like that and she said, I know. We talked a bit and she is realizing that she doesn't want to play with this little girl.

It is really sad but it's also a testament of kids being cruel and not caring dare I say it... I dare... Typical Public School behavior, these are just the recent examples. How about one more, last week she called my son and his friend (the brown boy) losers, she said goodbye Cassie, goodbye loser and goodbye loser's friend.

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