Saturday, August 04, 2007

Too much stuff

We have too much stuff to fit in this 1500 sq ft house!!! When we moved last year we got rid of a ton of stuff, it's amazing how much we gave away and threw away. We lived in a 1000 sq. ft house but it had a full basement, not finished but dry and in great condition(rare in PA) so we actually had 2000 sq ft of space.

We are in a 3 bedroom now but we have 4 kids and way too many toys, nobody wants to get rid of anything. I have been trying to find a way to make it fit, to make it workable in the kids rooms.

Tonight Cassie wanted to rearrange her room, what a job that was! Last night we(I ) cleaned out her closet but it's still so full. Our biggest problem is storage for toys and dolls, and well this house isn't big enough but it's where we are right now. Jared still sleeps with us but his clothes and toys are in Cassie's room.

The older boys room is another story, yikes, I need solutions, of course I need more money and lots of shelves too :)

We do have an attic here although it's not as convenient as a basement. We just put boxes up there when we moved in, I have no idea when I will go through them. I would really like to have a place for everything and to get rid of what we don't need.

I will not make the kids get rid of things though, it's their choice I sure don't want anyone getting rid of my things. I just don't have anywhere to put stuff, I still live out of a box, yes I do what isn't hanging up is in a box. Oh it's so fun to dig for socks and underwear! We actually have a walk in closet and we will install shelves someday.

This whole house has to be redone, we bought a foreclosure that was neglected and abused if you can abuse an inanimate object. Lots of work for dh and me but he has all the major stuff, he has done a lot, it's liveable but unfinished. I am waiting for my bathroom though, we have 2 baths but only one is in use, our toilet is on the back deck, LOL!!! I did say COMPLETELY remodel didn't I?

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justjuls said...

We bought a much bigger house when we moved - BUT we have no basement. We do have a storage shed - but it isn't the same. You have to go outside - battle bugs, and find that mice have been living around your stuff. Ick.
Good luck with that decluttering.