Sunday, August 26, 2007

My acrobat

There you go, he puts on his supersuit and does stunts. Brennan took these and his timing is awesome.


justjuls said...

Wow - that's amazing.
I was just talking to my MIL about my son when he was younger jumping on my bed beside me when I had strep! Ugh.
I used to hold his hand when he was small and let him jump as high as he could on my bed - and then of course he graduated to what you are showing here. Thankfully we have a trampoline - with the sides all around. It is a godsend when there is pent up energy!
Hope you can peel him off the ceiling later!

Grace Walker said...

He sure is high up there! I have to admit, jumping on the bed was one of my guilty pleasures as a kid, lol. :o) Thanks for sharing these pics.