Sunday, August 19, 2007

First sleepover

Brennan is staying the night at his friends house 2 doors down, it is his birthday and he asked for a sleepover.

I admit that I have mixed feelings about the whole sleepover thing but you all know I am open for discussion :)

When his mom called to ask I actually told her that I wasn't sure if Brenny was ready for that. Honestly I wasn't, he is my child who never left my side at all of those homeschool group meetings. He is the observer and is very introspective. I told him what I had said and he looked sad but wouldn't talk, pretty typical. So I told him if he really wanted to try this that I would let him and that if he changed his mind all he had to do was call and he could come home. Well it's 1:33am and he hasn't called, although he is usually awake until 2:00 and they probably will try to stay up all night.

Wow it's hard to cut that cord...snip by snip they keep growing up on me.


justjuls said...

I hate sleepovers too. I always have. They seem very unnatural. I don't spend the night with my friends - except for like a retreat or an out -of-town visit. I don't have a no sleepover rule - but I try to avoid them. I hate getting up in the morning with an extra kid in my house. It's just weird.

Tina said...

We have kids here all of the time and my two are gone a lot it seems. While I don't always like the mess, it allows them to continue to be together longer than normal. After all they can't just pick up and drive there. Two of my kids closest friends have been sleeping over for years now. My kids have always known I will come get them if they want to come home. Their friends know I will drive them home if they don't want to stay. We've yet to have any major issues. At least they see the freedom that they have here at home.