Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No place like home

These thoughts are spawned from

You already know I fly my freak flag the non-conformist radical unschooler that I am.

I have to admit that I do not agree with a parents decision to send their kids to school with out any choice on the part of the child. I know there are those kids that are neglected or abused at home and school is a safe place for them, I'm not addressing that here. If more people questioned and examined the system instead of complained while their kids were there things would be better. I know more and more people pull their kids out of school every day it's an awesome phenomenon.

I remember back in PA listening to all those moms talk at the baseball games, just complaining away about this teacher, that subject, this homework etc... I didn't say anything at the time, I did speak up when I was asked though. It was made well aware that we homeschool everytime some school related thing came up. People used to say well I just can't do that, I could never do THAT!!! I'm like do what? spend time with your kids????

I think to myself I could never do what you do, I could never send my kids away every day to be raised by the government, no sirree bob!!! They can't have my kids, they can't conform and brainwash my offspring, no way no how.

So how long have you been public schooling? Are you interested in alternatives? Do you really like what school does to your family life? Do you like living by their schedule? Do you like being away from your kids all day? Then by all means send them away but don't complain about it!!!!!

I believe that if all of these kids had a choice only a minority would actually CHOOSE to spend 12 years in kiddie prison. Why do you think it's COMPULSARY, because otherwise no one would go!!!!

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justjuls said...

Good thoughts! And yeah - we know your freak flag is like neon yellow or something - able to be seen from space without a satellite! hee hee

It is true - the same people who will stand in line at the grocery store telling one another how they can't wait for summer to be over so they can send their kids off - a couple weeks later are there complaining about this one and that one. blah blah blah
We have created a society of people that are so disjointed as a family. It is so sad.
God made families - not schools or churches.