Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Unschooly Thoughts

Random because I have lots of thoughts going through my head from this week and I probably won't do any of them justice. Unschooly because, well I'm an unschooler and that's how I think.

I just took a hot bath with a glass of wine, I always have good thoughts in the tub and it's hard to put them down afterwards. Not to mention Jared keeps saying *mom look* he is building with Legos and acting out his scenes.

So... school is no place for children yet they are all heading back there, they went back Aug. 1st here. Let's just herd em up and move em out. Oh those poor kids... last week our neighbor boy, he's almost 8, asked Kieran if he knows cursive. Kieran said well...not much really, he can write his name, he hasn't had a need to pursue it. I told William, you are like 8 years old what do you need cursive for? He said that the kids in class asked the teacher if they were learning cursive in 2nd grade or 3rd grade. The teacher said that they will start this year but that will be later. I told William that if he wants to learn it he can learn it he doesn't have to wait for the teacher. Then I had to shut up because I can't unload on a child who has no choice but to go to school. I always just love it when they say don't look ahead, don't get ahead of the class, we'll learn that later or next year or whatever. Gotta keep everyone dumbed down at the same rate can't let anyone get ahead of the class, UGH!!!! Poor kids don't realize it and I could just slap the parents, these kids are at my house ALL the time and the parents give me lots to rant about I have only blogged a couple times about their illogical ways and dumb rules.

A local girl posted to several home/un groups this week, she is obviously struggling and having doubts, I never did get around to replying but some people said what I would have said anyway. My point here is what someone on TN Home Ed said it was pretty bad I couldn't get through it all, one part stood out, she said that *you have your education now it's time for your son to get his* WHAT??? So when we magically turn 18 we are educated?? We don't learn a damn thing in life after that we are equipped for the real world after living in a fake one and being fed BS for 12 years and worse what if we go on to college and get fed more??? But we are educated we are done, how sad. She also said at the end that *maybe homeschooling isn't right for you* This is on a homeschooling list, yikes, did you ever hear of Gatto? Do you want to send your kids to prison? Do you want to continue in the mindless drones of society? Then by all means put your kids in school, they will only know what they are told and will regurgitate for a test and promptly forget it, you go Guido!!! Read Gatto
Don't be stupid!!!!

I'm not knocking college, I went, LOL! I guess I'm a college drop out because I never graduated, lots of things contributed to that, that's another post.

I wish I could save all the children and help educate the parents in what real learning is about I guess I'll settle for planting seeds cause thats about all I can do.

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Anonymous said...

I share your frustration Stephanie. My daughter has enrolled Mel in pre-k. All I can do is pray I've laid a foundation, and that Melany won't let them rip it away from her. I also pray her mother has a change of heart. She knows! I was stupid enough to send her to kiddie prison until she was 9. UGH!!!! What the he**????