Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know I wrote about this before but now it's just ridiculous. First of all it's been over 100 all month, reminds me of Sacramento. My dogs are just miserable with fleas and ticks, of course my labs are allergic to fleas. I don't use chemicals and we are working on treating them holistically. Jason gave them baths tonight and while he was standing outside had ticks crawling up his socks, brennan was out there for a few minutes and had 2 crawling on him. Cassie had one on her last night and tonight I saw one on Jared's arm.

Come on!!!! This is getting crazy and these are tiny suckers now I haven't seen the big ones since spring. You all know I'm just freaking out!!! Do not come near me you hear, LOL!!!
Crazy south, hey no tornadoes this year :)


Deanna said...

I try to avoid chemicals as much as possible but when it comes to ticks, Frontline (or Advantage) is a risk I'm willing to take. If you've ever had to treat a dog for a tick-borne disease and pray they will recover, you will happily treat your dogs with Frontline. Certainly there are some natural methods that help but none are as effective as Frontline.

Good luck!


justjuls said...

Ticks! Ugh.
One of my girls had a tick embedded in the back of her ear when she was small. Thankfull it hadn't swollen with blood yet. They freak me out.

What natural methods do you use? My dog gets skin rashes and the vet uses mega doses of Frontline to treat it.

QavahYada said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! It was very nice of you.

You asked me if something was bothering me, or if I just had to get it out...

It's a combination of both. All that I put on my blog has just kind of been swarming around in my head for months now...And I know some people who are not only playing the game, but using the talents of others to do so. It makes me angry...I just had to release it.