Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another reason to homeschool

Bulletproof backpacks! No I'm not kidding!

These were developed by a couple Boston fathers to protect their kids, read it it's short.

Can you imagine the morning, good bye kids have a great day at school and please remember to wear your backpack and watch out for the bad man with a gun, bye bye...

Oh my gosh, have you ever heard of homeschooling? You do not have to send your child off each day and wonder if they will return alive!

I told Kieran about the backpacks and he said why can't they just keep the kids at home? Yes my dear unschooled child you are right on the money.

Oh at a mere $175 no less, I can think of many things to buy with that amount of money that would not leave me thinking in the back of my mind, oh I hope nothing happens at school today.

Please realize I am not an alarmist and I do not unschool out of fear!!!

Come on folks wake up and smell the gun powder.

I never planned to send my kids away so that is not where I'm coming from.

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