Monday, August 20, 2007


I love coffee :)

I didn't drink coffee for a whole year, last July until this July. I started seeing a homeopath and went on a remedy for my chronic issues. Some homeopaths believe that coffee antidotes and some don't. Anyway I was advised to not drink coffee, I could drink tea, I didn't have to give up caffeine.

Anyway last month I was having issues and she told me to stop the remedy and come in for an office visit. So I said to myself, damn I'm making coffee!!!

I drank it for that week and I had my visit and it was time for a new remedy, we are working on the layers of cure due to years of chronic crap.

I was ready to stop drinking it but man it is so good I haven't stopped, guess what??? It doesn't antidote me, some people it does but not me, yippeee!!!!

Tonight we were at Wild Oats getting some groceries and I had a cafe mocha, oh yummy, my favorite!!!

So I'm just here to say that I went without but life is much better with it :)

I only drink fair trade organic coffee, no I'm not snooty, LOL! Organic is better because they don't use pesticides, it tastes better and I support the farmers but non-organic causes me um intestinal distress... TMI :)


Tina said...

Oh my gosh, I started drinking coffee about 4 years ago and I can't stop. I am getting more snooty as the time goes on. It is my life saver in times of stress and my soul singer in times of happiness. Especially "boughten" coffee.

justjuls said...

You go girl!
I love coffee. I didn't used to drink it because it made me feel bad - but I switched to whole bean coffee and grind it myself - and viola. There is likely an absent chemical. Every time I drink pre-ground coffee my stomach hurts - and guess what - my oldest daughter too.