Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer colds

What an oxymoron, it all started with Tina
Her family had colds a few weeks ago, I thought it was odd.

It's been over 100 degrees all month you would think that viruses would be dead.

So earlier this week Cassie has a sore throat and stuffy nose, then Kieran, then Brennan, now me and Jared too. I have a sore throat!!!!

Kieran also has three internet friends with it too. This gives new meaning to *computer virus*

No sleep last night because Jared was wimpering because he didn't feel good, then the dogs barked all morning.

Some days I think I would be better off just staying up, sleep is overrated, of course I don't get any.

1 comment:

justjuls said...

This is one time when it will be completely okay not to share!
Hope your household is feeling up to par soon!