Saturday, August 25, 2007


This was brought on by Julie,
I wouldn't really call it a guilty pleasure cause I don't feel guilty, LOL!

Confession: I watch The Young and the Restless, I have since I was 12. I taped it through school years and watched it later.

There were a few years in the early 90's where I didn't see it. We joined Amway and it was all about garbage in garbage out, no TV , Show the Plan! So we did not watch TV for 2 years, we rented an occasional movie but that was it, especially no News.

We started back slowly into TV when Kieran was a toddler, he watched PBS we only got a few channels so started to buy videos, you know Blues Clues and Thomas :)

I have since been taping my show, I love it, it's my escape so to speak. It's kind of funny, Jason hates soaps, he doesn't forbid me to watch, LOL! He has voiced his opinion and respects my decision to watch.

I love that it is made up, I know all to well about real people and real situations. There were many times, situations, people, things that happened in PA, that I wish were made up. I mean some examples from Jay's work, I would tell him and you think my soap is bad. HA!!! To protect privacy I can't say things but my gosh the things people do.

So that is my confession I love Y&R and I hate to miss it :)

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justjuls said...

OH MY GOSH - you do NOT! That is great and hilarious. I did not expect this at all! hee hee
You enjoy yourself. I have to admit that soap operas make me laugh for their cheesiness. My girls have caught a glimpse in waiting rooms or at others houses - and they crack up too. But everybody likes a little cheese with their crackers - right?
This is by far THE most shocking confession of all!