Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A real live one ! My friend K has an old friend C that she hasn't seen in like 4 or 5 years and she came over today.

It was so cool to sit in my living room and just chat with someone who really gets what I am talking about. We really didn't talk about unschooling per say.

Those on RCU know that Kieran cleaned up this morning, he did the dishes and swept the floor and cleared off the dining room table.

I mentioned this while K&C were here, I also said that we don't have chores and I don't make my kids do anything so it was a genuine act on his part. She didn't bat an eyelash or make some big to do about it, I loved it. Of course it doesn't happen often but when the kids do something like that from their heart it is really special.

Anyway C is really cool, she lives over an hour away but plans on coming again soon. We briefly touched on being off the radar, she has never registered and doesn't plan on it.

They were only here a short time but she was like an old friend, I was very comfortable and it was easy to talk to her. Sometimes I meet people and have to work really hard at keeping a conversation going, I hate that, it shouldn't be a chore to talk to someone. So you know it's good when you just flow with it from one thing to the next even with my crazy dogs barking and 8 kids in the house :)

I can't wait to meet R in a couple weeks, she knows who she is and she will definitely meet K and probably C as well.


justjuls said...

That is so awesome.
Connections are so important.
I hope you get to spend lots more time together.
I am going to have to find other places of connection with people than unschooling for now, but that is okay. I am just trying to adjust my thinking and not be judgmental - and understand that people are where they are in process. If they never make it all the way to unschooling I want to feel sad that they're missing out instead of self-righteous. Ya know? But if they ask - I also want to share freely where we are and how we got here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's me!! I am so looking forward to getting home and getting together and sharing life.