Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More stupid parenting

I was so agitated awhile ago... The kids two doors down are always here, why? well because it's fun here, their words not mine :)

It is 95+ degrees outside, they were all playing in my house but they only could stay in until 2:15, not my setting.

Cassie comes and asks me if they can go in the sprinkler, I said sure.
Brennan comes in upset because he was going to play baseball in the front yard with W. I didn't know this when I told Cass it was ok for the sprinkler. So I told him to have J see if they can use their sprinkler while the boys play here, our yard is a little bigger otherwise they would have played in his yard.

So.... Their mom said that they can't play in their sprinkler or ours... I said well I said lots of things :)
So I said then you and Cass come play inside while the boys play baseball. No they HAVE to play outside!!!

Ok folks it's 95 friggin degrees and they can't play in the water or in the house???????

I went off, I'm constantly baffled by stupid parenting, constantly.

So Cassie decided to come in cause she is hot. J came to the door wanting her to come out. She came to me and said she didn't want to go out, I said you don't have to.

My kids are more aware each time this stuff happens about how we are different, actually Cassie said that's torture, about those kids.

School starts tomorrow too, so it's blasted hot and they can't play in the sprinkler or in the house, that borders on abuse in my book.

Thank God in heaven I don't parent like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My kids thank me too :)
I try so hard my gosh...
There is a thread at unschooling resources going on about calling RU, unparenting. You all know how I feel about that, we parent our asses off!!!


kelli said...

It's amazing isn't it? We have neighbors like this too. "We HAVE to play outside", the kids will say. Always. It's crazy. Even in the cold and heat....grrr

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that because we have decided to unschool, we do parent differently than the avg parent--that we are guided by common sense concepts--such as it 95+, sure go ahead and get wet. I had a neighbor/friend who told another neighbor/friend "she's not like us." She was right, I trusted my children and didn't make all sort of weird do's and don'ts.
I finally had to tell my kids they could play with her kids at their house, but their mother had too many rules and it was too stressful for me to have those kids over anymore. Thankfully after a couple of years, she seemed to ease up, but thankfully I am still as different as ever.