Monday, July 02, 2007

Cassie time

While I was hoping to work on other things tonight it became apparant that my dd needed me. It started with her wanting to play UNO just the two of us but Brenny wanted to play also and she lost it. I understand about her wanting just the two of us, it is difficult when there is 1 me and 4 of them. We worked it out and we played cards for a bit, then she asked me to come help her name her dolls. It's kind of funny because when I was pregnant with Jared we named all of her dolls but we have since forgotten.

We gave all of the dolls new names and then we dressed all of the naked ones. Then she wanted me to watch a movie with her, it was midnight by then and of course other people needed me. I watched the last half of The Pacifier with her she had started it earlier in the day.

Then I did a few things and finally took a shower and then she asked me to help her spell words, it was 1:45 am by then. So I went back to her room and she had started with some words she knows and asked me to help with some words. She tried to spell and did pretty well then asked me to get some books so she could look at the words. She filled a notebook page with words and decided she was ready to go to sleep.

I realize that she needs me and some days it's hard because we are so different emotionally, I'm working on being able to relate to her. I am just not emotional, her whole day was because she got up early for church after going to sleep at her usual time.

Don't think that I don't have emotions, I have lots but I'm a thinker and a doer I follow my head and I'm not really *emotionally female* some people know what I mean, my best friend does cause she gets me :)

Actually I hardly ever cried until I got pregnant, I thought there was something wrong with me, crying at hallmark commercials. Having kids did change me on many levels but it did make me more emotional and aware of feelings. After all this time I have mostly reverted back to my usual self, I can cry but it's not that common.

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Mamariesenberg said...

Stephanie, I am starting to wonder as I read through your blog if we aren't some kind of twins seperated at birth. I could have written so much of what I have read here and I completely get the emotional thing, or should I say not emotional thing. Most people just don't get it.