Monday, July 16, 2007

Freedom in sleep habits

As unschoolers we truly have many freedoms that others don't, mainly because others won't allow themselves freedom from have to's and should's and should not's.

The other day my friend Tina at was talking about bedtimes and have to's and she inspired me.

I have been living with some pretty different sleeping hours since Jared is so sporatic. I posted last week about him taking a nap and being up, well I didn't finish, he was up until 6:30 am last Saturday night.

This whole week he has been up very late or early I guess. The past 2 nights it's been 4:30 am before he konks out. Last night he went to sleep at 4:30am and woke up at 9:30am, um HELLO, I need SLEEP!!!! So he got up and thankfully Jason was home, he went back to sleep from 1:30pm-5:30pm .

So here I am posting again about sleep or the lack there of. I was telling my friend about this tonight and I said that I am so glad that we have the freedom for this. I can't make my son sleep, I can't make myself sleep. I am just so glad that we are able to accomodate his habits and not try to force unnecessary harm to him or us.

So many parents just set a time and make their kids go to bed without choice or discussion, of course many have to go to SCHOOL at the crack of dawn for some dumbing down and mind numbing lessons.

Well lately I have been up until the crack of dawn and sleeping all morning, I am just so thankful for these options and choices.

Everything is a choice we don't HAVE TO do anything!!!!!


kelli said...

Very cool to read of another family who has these freedoms :)

Are you guys near Ren, in the Johnson City area? We're considering a move down there. We will be visiting Asheville and that area during L & L time.

Tina said...

Thanks for the mention.
Last night Nick was up till 3am, Carly was up till midnight, I went to bed at 10:30pm to see hubby, back up and then back to bed later.
What a wonderful life.
I'm up at 6:30am to make cookies for a potluck and the kids will sleep in till noon or so.
Hang in there. When the kids were little I often cat napped beside them on the bed/couch in the wee hours. They just wanted one of us near.

justjuls said...

I was wondering how old Jared is -
For us when our kids were little they just slept with us - and that soothed us all to sleep. When I was parenting my small children, that never seemed an issue - getting sleep because we all just slept together. Have you tried that? Now if you say he's 17 (of course I'll wonder why he keeps you up) we'll have a good laugh!
We are working on more freedom in this area - but learning some things about mutual respect. That seems to be the key. I will respect when you need sleep - and you have to respect when I need sleep.
I used to be a night owl but as I get older I'm not so much of one anymore. The trouble always was and is - that I also like being up early! hee hee

justjuls said...

Okay - I am such an idiot -
I was thinking this was Lesa's blog - and never heard her mention a Jared -
I know who you are and that Jared is small!
And I already told you everything I said in my last comment so -