Thursday, July 26, 2007

Computer time

Oh the joy of it :)

Lately getting everyone a turn on the computer has been challenging.
My boys are now members on Runescape and so they are working on things they couldn't do as non members.

Cassie likes to play also but she is pretty new at it, plus they play other games and it takes time. We have a laptop but it is a pain without a mouse, we are planning on getting one soon. We don't play disks on it because we have had too much trouble with it so it is strictly for internet use.

Brennan has been *hogging* the computer and playing for hours at a time and it is causing some strife around here.

OH great, I get to practice what I preach AGAIN!! We have talked about it but some people don't readily get it...

My dh said if we have to make a schedule then we will, I don't want to do that, I want everyone to get a long and take turns and share the damn computer!!!!!

So I am not getting much time here either and I'm pretty tired when I do.

Jared likes to use it too, he loves music and he also plays games.

We are working on a win/win situation for all.

Tonight I had Cassie get on for an hour, then Brennan for an hour then Jared got on and here I am at 3:00 am getting my turn. Today was smoother than the past few days.

We have never limited use, we just need to make sure everyone gets a turn.


justjuls said...

We have gone through various stages of computer sharing in our house - however, with hubby being such a computer lover/geek - he has his own now, and I have my own (a laptop with a must have mouse like you mentioned - unless it crashes!) and we got the girls their own laptops on ebay - $200 or so and then my husband put operating systems on them. We put the old desktop computer in my son's room - so everybody is happy. Although a neighbor friend has said that we are sometimes like that family on RV who IM each other when dinner is ready. I told him it wasn't so - I just shout down the hall - but we have been known to be in IM conferences with friends while in the same house!
I hope you are able to figure this out. Maybe don't call it a schedule - that sounds so formal - how about "rotation" :)
Best wishes my sleepy friend!

Tina said...

I second the more than one computer notion. We have always struggled with this until about a year or so ago. Nick solved the problem by staying up really late and Carly went to bed sooner. Their own choice of course, but now there is no hogging problems. HA HA
Seriously, we need more than one computer also.
Never had schedules or rotations. Everyone just waited for their turn, knowing that they wouldn't get it back for a long while. It made you sure to do all that you wanted to get done while you had it.
Hang in there and save up the money
Love ya