Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Night Owls

Oh my gosh, we are such night owls, getting nightier by the day, LOL! My little man has been on a late turn and getting later, it's 3:45 am and he is still up, and here I am wondering what I'm doing.
He fell asleep at this time last night and I think he is going to be out any second now...

Of course we all slept in today, maybe I will get up earlier tomorrow and wake Jared up too, maybe not. I really don't mess with my kids sleep cycle. I hated being woken up for school, oh my gosh, I was born a night person and school does NOT accomodate for that.

It got harder as I hit high school, I had 2 alarm clocks, one by my bed and one across the room, I got to where I got up and shut it off every 5 mins for a half hour. I never did mornings, still don't unless you consider early mornings

I don't fall asleep easy and I can't sleep on demand or because of the time on a clock so I would not try to make my kids. I actually have many sleep issues so I will never force my kids to bed it can have repercussions, just like an eating disorder.

Guess who just closed his eyes??? Wow he is so full of energy, he goes non-stop as soon as he wakes up until he passes out, I never know when that will be. Energizer boy!

I suppose I can get ready for bed now :)

Good night!


justjuls said...

We are so night owls too. I've tried hard to not be - but it seems to only make me and everyone else miserable. What I hate is that we live in a 9-5 world - and if I'm in my jammies at noon - and a neighbor comes over I am mortified. (my own hang up! from growing up with a depressed mother)
We've been crashing about 2:30.

I have two questions -
1. do you let him sleep wherever he drops?
2. what do you do on days when you have something to do that happens to be early in the morning?

Stephanie said...

1. Yes, he doesn't have his own bed yet, we are working on that. He has been falling asleep on the couch and then coming to my bed a few hours later. He really isn't ready to sleep in his brothers room yet.

2. I don't schedule anything in the morning, it's just now worth it for me. My older kids will get up and go to church in the morning. Kieran gets up early when Jason is off of work and they do stuff together.

I am in my pj's too and it's 1:43pm, I guess I'll be getting dressed now. I'm just glad that the world keeps going at night, the grocery store is open all night and there are people who work the late shift because they don't do mornings either. Heck I could write another entry about this!

justjuls said...

Write that entry girl! Do it!