Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A decision Cassie made

Some of you know that Cassie has food dye sensitivities, it is still hard for her to not want the stuff when others are having it. It is something we have been dealing with for a couple years and I'm learning what additives affect her and trying to avoid buying anything with that stuff in it.

Last week she was at the little girl's house down the road and when she came home she said she had candy. I asked her what kind, what color, but she couldn't really remember or maybe she just felt on the spot. Later on her behavior reflected that of dye consumption. We talked about it and I really want her to learn how to make these decisions because it could be with her all her life.

Today she was over there for an hour and she came home and told me that they ate candy and she didn't have any. She was very happy with her decision and happy when she told me. I just felt awesome that she made that decision on her own knowing how much she likes candy.
I buy stuff that she can eat so it's not like she doesn't get any but it's been hard for her when her friends or brothers eat something. We have had to deal with well how come they can have it, it's not that she can't have it but if she does we all pay for it and I know she doesn't like that either.

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justjuls said...

That's awesome!
I know adults that don't make those same wise choices. Good job Cassie!