Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back Labor

All I can
say right now is OUCH!!!

O my gosh this hurts! All you ladies out there who had back labor can understand what I go through every month, yes it feels like that!!!!

Some months aren't as intense, actually last month was the worse I have had in years so I suppose right now is just *normal pain*
I don't get the women who barely have a cramp, you suck alright, I can say that it's my blog.

I'm just going through some crap right now and am in pain from my period and it doesn't help me focus.

I soaked in the hot bath and drank my wine, the only thing that helps but it's not enough, I'm in pain...

Well I'm not writing anything profound tonight, see ya later.


justjuls said...

Yeah - you can say that - it's your blog and you can be a snot if you want to! :)

What I don't understand is how some months I barely know I have my period - but other months I feel like I'm gonna die! I have to crawl back in bed and can hardly get out. Weird. It is about 50/50 at this point - the latter used to be more common.

Hope you feel better soon -
Drink more wine

Anonymous said...

I have had back labor with all of my babies, so I feel ya!

Have you tried Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (I live the Yogi brand the best, but I can only get Traditional Medicinals brand where I live now). It has really helped me to have quicker and less painful periods. Also, there are some homeopathic remedies that might really help as well. And acupuncture.

I am sorry that you are feeling so bad. Praying that you will experience some relief from all of your woes today! If I was near you, I'd come make you a cup of your favorite warm beverage and then watch your kids so you could get a few minutes to yourself.

I hope you feel better soon! Very soon!

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be "I LOVE the Yogi brand the best" not live. Sheesh, proofread!