Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We need to examine why we say what we say especially to our children.

Why is our first reaction, no.

When the child wants to do something messy like play-doh, painting, crafts, putting barbies in the sink full of water, playing in the mud and on and on.

I realize that it's the process that is important and to look beyond the result which is usually a mess.

There is a little girl who comes here often and each time she is here she wants to paint or play with play-doh. Last time she did that plus got out the puzzles, she left quite a mess for me...

I have a feeling that she isn't allowed to do that stuff at home.

Why are so many afraid of letting kids play and be kids? That includes playing in the rain and the mud. Guess what? Kids and clothes are washable, no really they are.

Sometimes I get that first reaction of not wanting my kid to do something because I may not be in the mood but I get over it when I see the fun they are having.

Traditional parenting rears it's ugly head in so many homes, so many kids aren't allowed to play in the rain, or play in the sink or paint or create and just be a kid.

Why can't they have a cookie BEFORE dinner?

Who made that a law?

Why do they have to go to bed at 9:00pm even if they aren't tired? My mother has told me time and again that she had to go to bed at 7:00pm each night. PHOOEY!!!!

I vow that my kids CAN be kids, they can play and laugh and create and get wet and muddy and imagine all they want.

Loosen up just a little and when your kids cover the kitchen in flour or come in covered in mud from head to toe, take a picture :)

Have fun with them and watching them, let your kids have fun!


Tina said...

Hear, Hear!!
Although, the messes years ago could at times throw me for a loop. Now it usually only happens with lots of friends over for the night.
Both the teens are still in bed, it's now 1:30pm here. Yeah, for them. I may go join them soon

Deanne said...

I heartily agree! :) I have to get over myself sometimes when I see the kids creations combining so many different kinds of toys at once. I immediately think, "Oh no, how are we ever going to sort the magnet blocks from the pixel blocks, and get all the pieces together again?!" Just last night I told that voice to "just be quiet" so that I could enjoy hearing about the countries they created.

Anonymous said...

Couple of years ago, I took a friend's daughter (while she ran errands) and my 3 kids to a neighbor park and play. Our kids love water and got into the water fountain for great fun with the friend. Upon my friend's return, she was furious and scolded her then 8-year-old in front of me wide open in the park "How could you do this? You're all soaked in your clothes!" I was dumbfounded and automatically without a second thought apologized (??) for letting her daughter in the water and offered a change of clothes in my well-prepared van for every occasion. She took my offerings but left abruptly. I felt really badly for her daughter. Next day, I got our clothings back when I saw her at the health club, but, no warm and fuzzy feeling. Our kids and hers were in karate 3 or 4 times a week together. Parents like me often wait at waiting room for about 2 hours. She would say hi when I greet her, nothing more. Imagine that...sad for my poor kids, they lost a good playmate.

I still run into moms like the friend mentioned here. Now, I try to read them quickly and hold my breath! My kids are allowed to be kids, to live in the moments now and today...but they also become conscious and respectful of other families' idiosynchrosies.

piscesgrrl said...

Great post!