Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thoughts from the dizzy blonde

Well I'm not blonde now am I Tina? LOL! But I used to be I'll get a picture of me blonde soon.

Dh and I joke about blondes and dizzy and stuff all the time so since I have an inner ear/sinus thing going on I am really dizzy even if I'm a brunette.

I am better than yesterday, my gosh, I was taking a shower and shaving my legs and then I instantly was weak in the arms and legs and I sat down. I started crying, Cassie came in and I was sitting there with soap in my hair and one shaved leg... It was not cool, talk about freakin out, I was shaking so bad...

I have been having dizziness on and off and an ear twinge on and off but I guess it got worse. I am prone to this but it has been awhile, maybe since last winter.

Today I was taking my Xlear nasal spray that dh drove to get after work last night. It is not convenient to buy non medicated treatments, the health food stores are nowhere near us, he didn't get home until almost 7 pm, he is such a good guy :)

I'm off my rocker, today I needed to lay down, pure exhaustion, this is not me, so I know I have a virus. The neighbor kids came over as soon as they got off the bus and guess what their mom is sick, oh joy I don't feel good and I get 6 loud kids instead of 4. Something ain't right here!

I was not myself I told the kids I didn't feel well, my head hurts and I need to lay down...
They were just being loud and goofing and I had to tell them to go outside. I had a little talk about respect with them today.
I realize that there is a huge sense of freedom at my house but you need to respect me :)

I just took a hot bath and had so many thoughts but something about them going down the drain really stinks. I put the hot washcloth on my face and had some wine and just tried to relax.

I also will use my eye pillow when I go to bed, I got it from my friend Penny, I keep it in the freezer.

Here's hoping and praying I'll be better tomorrow!


justjuls said...

I think this is a huge thing I have been thinking about lately - freedom and respect. You have freedom but also need to respect the freedoms of others. I think I feel a blog coming on.

Penny said...

I've had moments like that with other kids. Sadly it comes from them not having experience w/freedom and not understanding it's boundaries. And that stinks when you feel like crud.

Hope you feel better today!