Monday, November 12, 2007

What makes dogs go crazy at night?

A possum up in the tree or opossum depending on how you say it. Of course we had fun watching her, Jason took several pics only a few turned out decent. We googled possum and found out lots of interesting facts and myths. One neat website we found is The 'Possum Pages
As we were watching her I noticed something moving in her belly, she had a pouch full of babies. You can see the lumps in her underside. Possums are not rodents, they are marsupials and also known as the north American kangaroo because they carry their babies in their pouch.

One of the nice things about unschooling is these moments of how learning actually finds us. If we didn't have dogs we would have never known that this creature was passing by our house. Everyone stopped what they were doing to check it out then we spent time online looking it up and learning all sorts of neat things.


Sarah said...

This is way cool! In our neck of the woods, there are tons of frogs, lizzards, garter snakes... and one native rubber boa found over the summer. We should go out in the nights and see what we may spot up in the pines and junipers.

Deanne said...

We found a baby possum one time, and a friend of ours brought it in our garage so we could see it. It kept "baring its teeth" at us, then it "played possum". We were on-line reading all about it too. It IS exciting and fun to learn about things as they occur in your life. (BTW, it was returned safely to the area it was found.)

Silvia said...

How cool!