Thursday, November 01, 2007


Jared didn't want to kill his pumpkin so he painted it.

Ahh, pumpkin guts.

The 3 jacks.

All 6 of my kids ready to trick or treat.

Afterwards, checking out the candy.

And eating it... They ate it all night long...
Here's a little tidbit, this is the first time my kids have trick or treated, yes Kieran is 12. How does this happen you ask???
Well actually it's all my fault:) Halloween does nothing for me and I never made a big deal out of it. When we lived in the country nobody was around so it made it pretty easy to ignore. Last year we went to the harvest carnival and they had a great time but we didn't trick or treat or hand out candy, we just left the house for awhile.
This year they asked to go and at first I told them I didn't want to but Jason set me straight... it's not about me, no really, LOL!
So we just went down our road and up another and came back, they got a bunch of candy and had fun. We then came home and handed out the candy I bought until it was gone. So it looks like we will be doing Halloween from now on :)

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