Thursday, November 08, 2007

In a house...

Where activity is happening at all hours of the day and well into the night, it is finally quiet.
Shhh, don't tell anyone :)

My friend came over today with her 3 boys and she goes, did the intensity just increase as we walked in? I'm like yeah, just a little, they are happy to see each other, it's almost always loud in here so I'm used to it.

It wasn't just my 4, I had 2 neighbor kids here also.. Their parents are having scheduling issues and I told them that I would rather the kids (8 & 5)come here then be home alone. Heck they are here anyway so I pretty much have 6 kids here most days so add 3 more, hey I'm good. Sometimes the kid across the street is here too, he is just a visitor every other week(divorced parents) so he comes over when he is with his dad.

This is the go to place on the street, I like it that way. I want to know what my kids are doing and they like to be here so in that process we will have other kids here too.

Anyway I started to talk about how busy my house is with just my own 4 kids, it's a constant hubbub of talking, playing, watching, doing, creating, cooking, cleaning, eating, washing, drying...

Tonight Jared and Cassie spent 1 1/2 hours in the tub, they were playing and having a blast and flooding the place.

The imagination that abounds here is so awesome to watch, I always thought I didn't have any imagination, I'm such a realist, but I try, oh I try. The questions that are asked really stretch my mind and make me realize that some things are just meant to be made up and fun.

Tonight Jared and I went grocery shopping around 10:30, I like having Kroger to myself :)

Everything is a game to him, he has to place the food in the cart to make a race car, or space ship or something, you know with tail pipes and stuff. I have to wait for him to set it up, he is always acting things out and living in his imagination. I'm just grasping it, it's important to him :)


justjuls said...

Our house is the "go to" place too most of the time. However, I have a question - what do you feed all those hungry kids - especially when you are only buying healthy foods which also means expensive? Anytime kids are here - they want food.

Stephanie said...

Why do they always want food? I'm starting to wonder if they get fed owhen they are hungry. Gee I could blog on that. Actually they aren't allowed to eat here, LOL! But the little girl ALWAYS asks me for food, the boy sdoes sometimes but he is afraid to get in trouble. I try to keep fruit and popcorn on hand but it just depends. I'm not into the feeding teenagers yet like you are but I swear my boys eat all the time and I know my friends boys do.
I am also honest, sometimes they want something and it's like close to payday and we are out of food, I tell them that I really don't have anything today and if they are really hungry they should run home to eat.