Thursday, November 29, 2007

Images of me

I saw this meme at Zenmommas but I had some technical difficulty and today saw it at Deanne's blog, she helped me out. The idea is to type in your answer to the questions into google search and pick an image from the first page.

1. Age at your next birthday: 37
2. Places I'd like to travel: Tuscany Italy

3. Favorite place to be: bathtub

4. Favorite object: computer

5. Favorite food: organic dark chocolate

6. Favorite animal: Elephant

7. Favorite color: red

8. nicknames: Stephie, Robin I have so many I picked two

9. Town where I was born: Lewiston, NY, this is Artpark a place I remember going to as a child

Sorry about the double photo, I'm still technologically a newbie :)

10. A bad habit I have ... I finish people's sentences

Tag your it! Have fun :)


Deanne said...

Oooooh! I'll go to Tuscany with you! ;)

Jenny said...

This is a cool idea. I might try it, but I'm afraid I'm too stupid to figure out how to get the images on ..

Stephanie said...

LOL! I had to ask Deanne, you save the pic to your computer then upload to blogger.

Anonymous said...

WOW--I now know why I feel connected to you first time I read your posts in RU Yahoo Group. I thought you were describing ME in this meme...

I am new to blog and find it's addictive in a world full of learning opportunities, connecting with people around the world at the comfort of my couch! For one who resisted blogging for years, I managed to launch a blog just for my creative art & craft impulses. (

I've enjoyed your posts and wisdoms. Thank you.