Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A bit about college

Since I was talking about some of my thoughts on high school I figured I'd move on to college.

I went to a community college in CA after graduating high school in NY. Now I always had goals for college I knew I wanted to manage and eventually own a Hotel.

It wasn't as easy as HS, I actually had to put forth some effort in some classes. I took as many business classes as I could, HS economics and college economics were two different things. My professor was a dull monotone guy and I really needed some help. I remember studying harder than I ever did in my life for a test and I got a D. That was a hard earned D, it wasn't that I didn't know the material, it was that I didn't relate with the teaching style, or lack there of...

I had some great classes too, it was an interesting time in my life.

I really wanted to take a year off after HS, I was schooled out :) But I had to go in order to keep my health insurance, so... I could go off on that tangent but I won't right now...

I worked full time the 3-11pm shift and I had an 8am class, oh yeah you get the picture. I also had a night class once a week, so I literally had one day off a week with no work or school. Man talk about stressful... I actually only went 3 semesters, they changed my hospitality management program and God changed my heart.

I got to where all I wanted to do was be a mom, and it's funny because all I wanted was the career, I was so gung ho on the CAREER! Don't underestimate the power of God.

Becoming a mom was no easy task but that's another post.

I don't have too many issues with college, it's NOT compulsary so it's got that going for it, it's not free either, but then either is PS we all pay taxes.

It's also not necessary for most people, we can learn by so many avenues and college is only one and is only needed for a handful of jobs. I think it's overrated and pushed to many teens when they really don't know what they want or aren't able to appreciate it. My sister went to an expensive University and she partied hard, joined a sorority and well partied :)
Lots of kids do that!

Even though it's not mandatory it IS an institution that runs on grades, tests, socio economic class and politics to name a few.

So unless you really have a career goal that needs a college degree I would think long and hard before wasting precious time and money on an instution.

Do I regret going? Nope I don't. Do I regret not getting my degree? Nope I don't.

Like I said I had some good experiences and I especially had one professor who was so awesome, I would say he held the unschooling philosophy. I loved his classes and I actually learned a lot. What was different? He pointed out from day one that he was the *facilitator* he put us in groups and we taught each other, gee that's an interesting concept, this was 1990-1991 BTW. He also did not grade us you either did the work and got an A or you got an incomplete, this was awesome.

I took his classes each semester, but one time I could not work with the group I was assigned, we had way too many differences of opinion. I went to my professor, a little scared but knowing what I could and couldn't do. So he gave me a separate assignment to complete so that I could get my A and pass the class. I will never forget many of the things I learned at that time.

So I hope I'm not boring anyone :)

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