Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giving advice

I find that I have a hard time giving advice to new to unschooling people who are on the fence. What I mean is some posts are full of red flag statements and misconceptions of unschooling and if I let them statements. I really want to help people see the light, let go, trust the process and unschool completely.

I love talking about unschooling and helping people who are truly seeking it. I have great difficulty replying to those that are so far from the concept.

In order to get unschooling you have to want to get it, you have to detox from the system you have to look at learning from a completely new perspective. You really need to have good reasons to home educate in the first place. Unschooling isn't something you do on a whim or try for a day, week or month. It takes time to see the fruit, it takes time to see the process in our children, to see real learning unfold doesn't happen overnight. Everything is connected and sometimes those connections can take months to be made.

If you seriously want to unschool ask yourself *WHY*
What are your real reasons?

First of all for me I am vehemently against compulsary schooling and the basis of the whole system. Why would I try to re-create that in my home?

I know there are lots of happy homeschoolers that push curriculum and make limits on electronics and everything else, well I don't know how happy the kids are :)
I personally know people like this, no I'm not friends with them. That is really because we have nothing in common but homeschooling and parenting issues are BIG on my list.

I have a dear friend who is an eclectic homeschooler, we have talked in length about many things. She doesn't force school but she will never be an unschooler, she said it herself, she can't let go completely. I respect her for making that admission, in the mean time I still can plant seeds.

When people come to unschooling lists and post about their hang ups, I need to know if they really want to unschool before I proceed. Why is that? I am very passionate and very straight and I can't be worrying about saying the wrong thing, LOL! So if you really want my advice, I freely give it but you need to decide why you want to unschool and then get over yourself so your kids have the chance to learn in freedom.

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