Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everyday Blessings

You know how some daily household tasks can seem dull and routine, or even dreaded by some. I usually don't mind normal cleaning but some days I feel overwhelmed.

I was just thinking of turning it around and looking at the positive side. I'm sure others have done this but I have never really put it into words, I think about it a lot though.

That neverending pile of laundry means we have clothes to wear.

The stack of dirty dishes means we have food to eat.

The endless stream of toys, games, books, stuffed animals crayons and papers etc. means that my kids are blessed with a variety of things to do and the imagination to go along with it.

The various stages of repair means that we are blessed to have a home and I am thankful to have a husband who can fix it.

Just because my toilet is on the back deck doesn't mean it will be forever, it's just great that we have 2 bathrooms :)

With it being a time of year that we ponder what we are thankful for it helps to just see the little blessings in everyday things.

Enjoy your blessings today!


justjuls said...

this is a great perspective -
I was thinking about my oven earlier - how irritating it is to take an extra step just to get it to turn on (mainly because I had bread that needed to go in immediately and I had forgotten the switch) and then I realized how silly I am to think the real irritation would be not having an oven - or having some other primitive manner of having to cook -
reality check please!!! heehee

it's interesting how often we're on the same page.

Deanne said...

What a lovely post! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow- aren't you blogging up a storm at the mo! So good to see other unschoolers (who really "get it") sometimes get overwhelmed by all the mess a young family can create.