Monday, November 05, 2007

Deep thoughts by Jack Handy

Or maybe by Stephanie, LOL!

I have so much going on in my head I don't know what to sort out and actually put down in writing. I have always said I'm not a writer but some people have said, sure you are, so what's my problem. I have these stigmas that still creep up I guess, from school, teachers, people, you are this, you can't do that, blah blah blah.

Yesterday I was telling some friends about how I had to go to school but I did it my way. I refused to do some assignments, I took F's and incompletes, I told teachers that they were insulting my intelligence. I'm not running a mile to mess up my hair and sweat off my make up, sheesh.

I had to be there because being a dropout was only for teenage pregnancy or losers, or druggies or whatever but it wasn't for *me*. HA! I Lived with 2 public school teachers in my 10-12th grade years. I really didn't care about school or grades and I hated how they *made* me take subjects that had nothing to do with my major. I went round and round with my *guidance counselor* on many occasions, she actually knew my dad so that was always fun :)

One thing about my dad, he tried not to set guidelines on grades but one semester my junior year he said well why don't you get all A's??? I'll give you $50 if you can do it. Well gee dad sure I'll take you up on that. So I got all A's and I got $50, dad is like see I knew you could do it, why don't you always do it. I said I don't feel like it, I'll go back to my B's now :) Getting straight A's took a bit of time, but getting B's I could do in my sleep, piece of cake. I know it wasn't like that for everyone, I saw people struggle, my dh didn't have it that easy, many friends didn't either. So I don't take it lightly but for me if I actually paid attention in class I got A's. Who cares!!! Grades are for meat and eggs not children (Kelly Lovejoy) I love that phrase!

I always spoke up and let my thoughts be known, I'll tell you what they weren't popular, I would not conform, after 12 years of *so called conditioning* they did NOT win over my mind or my spirit. They pissed me off and kept me fuming but they did not take away the spirit of *me* I was a leader, other classmates looked up to me and asked me for help, teachers asked me to help because * I got* the material, duh, like it's complicated or something...

I really didn't mean to go on about high school but I have been thinking about this so called state of *adolescence* I mean some 16,17,18 yr old grown men and women are stuck in high school sitting behind a desk being subject to some guy who gets his rocks off on being the *authority* and it makes me sick. School is no place for children and it's even worse for teenagers. They should be out doing real life tasks and projects and working with mentors in the field they are interested in and/or figuring out what they want to do and be, not stuck behind a desk listening to some garbage.

Ok I'm tired and I didn't even get to the really good stuff...
My point is and will always be Stay Out Of School, it does the Mind a Terrible Thing!

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