Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stick removal service

Jewls and I are on a mission :)

I have had a cranky day and I still have a few splinters that need to be removed.

Jason asked me what was up and I said I don't know I'm cranky, he said *well get a hold of yourself will ya* I said I'm trying but I don't know where to grab :)

I guess it's mid-cycle mayham or something. The messy house has been bothering me, the trip to the grocery store bothered me, it seems like the kids aren't listening. It seems like I'm just not getting what I want so I'm not being nice.

So earlier I was getting flustered and I said ok, you tell me what I'm going to say because I don't feel like saying it again. Kieran was on the computer and he looks at me and says *what* He wasn't paying attention to anything going on.

Cassie and Brenny started listing stuff like:

It's time to be quiet because daddy is sleeping.
Clean up the mess
be nice
get along
be quiet
help each other

I don't remember everything but it was good, so I told them to listen to themselves.

Just because I am having an issue I have to remember to step back, breathe, relax, listen to the kids, and work on getting the rest of that stick removed...


justjuls said...

I've had my share of days like that - in fact most days after around 11 pm when I am so tired - I just want everybody to stop talking to me - and for some reason that's when the 10 year old boy wants to talk 90 miles an hour! Ugh.

justjuls said...

Stick removal mission indeed - who do you think we'd get to donate to THAT mission trip! hee hee