Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Tonight the kids were asking us about when we met and how old we were.

It goes back 21 years since we met. We met briefly while dating other people, I was 16 then. We met again about 6-12 months later still dating other people.
I was always dating someone, I wasn't ever really single.

Actually this time I was attending senior skip day but I was a junior and I was riding with Jason's girlfriend. He was out of school already but his girlfriend was in my class.

Then a few months later we met again, this time dating each others' best friend.

Yes, really.

The four of us would hang out and they worked nights while Jason and I worked days so we would get together and do stuff. Actually I was still in high school but I worked afternoons and weekends during the day.

We would pick Tammy up after work and hook up with Randy on weekends but Jason and I spent a lot of time getting to know each other.

We became the best of friends, this went on for several weeks, I'm thinking Nov-Jan. Jason and I officially started dating January 21st, 1989.

I knew after a month of dating that he was the one for me, he was the man I was going to marry. I have witnesses to this, I told my friend Amy and I told my grandmother.

My grandma and I would meet at Friendly's restaurant once a month for lunch. She knew all to well my dating habits and was shocked to hear me speak like that.

Young couples ask us what makes a marriage work? How did you know she was the one? What is your secret?

It's hard to say how you know because honestly I just knew and so did Jason, it just took him a little longer :)

I have come to realize that what we have isn't that common. We are totally and completely in love with each other.

It's like we are still 17 and 19 just with some aches and pains plus the 4 little people we have created.

We have fun, he gets me, we respect and trust each other completely.

It is possible to find your mate at a young age and marriage really can be fun.

We have fun, we laugh so much.

We miss each other all day, we know when the other will call or if we missed a call.

I have actually heard his thoughts a few times. I am not kidding, one time we were in the van and I said, "what did you say?" He said, "I didn't say anything." I said, "Yes you did, you said something about _____."
He said, "How did you know that? I was thinking that but I didn't say it."

He has been scared ever since, we joke about it now, watch out I can hear your thoughts!!!

So I am just so thankful to be married to an awesome person who loves me for ME!


unschoolermom said...

I loved reading this! My husband took a little longer knowing that I did, too. LOL :^) Thank you for sharing this!


Deanne said...

What a lovely post. DH and I started dating at 17, and I knew at about 3 months he was the ONE. ;) We didn't get married until 7years later (college and a 2year breakup) but we've been married 18 years now.

It IS possible to know you want to marry someone at a younger age than present day society promotes. Makes me a little nervous about my 17 yo and his girlfriend, with whom he just celebrated their first year anniversary of dating! :O (He gave her a dozen chocolate covered strawberries...I think it's serious. ;p )

(P.S. I love your new header picture. I'm a huge Snoopy fan from way back.)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this! I enjoyed reading it. My hubby and I are the same. Totally and hopelessly in love with each other even after 18 years of marriage. He still tells people that we are newly wed! LOL! Anyway it does my heart good to read about people who are happy in their marriages. Maybe we should encourage others who feel the same way to post something on their blogs. Give marriage a good ol fashioned shot in the arm!

Maureen Reynolds said...

That's a sweet post, but so true Deanne that you start to wonder if your own children are ANY way ready for such a commitment at that age. We've all felt so much wiser than our parents were when we are young.