Monday, December 15, 2008

No Schedules

There really is simple beauty in not having to adhere to strict schedules.

We are so blessed to be able to run our day as it comes. Sure we have a routine, I think that most people do.

After the kids were sick last week I just realized how great it is that we didn't HAVE to go to school or anywhere. We could just do what we needed to do to take care of the situation.

We do what we want most days, when we do have an appointment or are meeting up at a certain time it does cause some stress.

I love how our days ebb and flow and I love the fact that we are free and have the choice in how to spend our day.

Last week is a blur.

Just tonight Jason was asking me about something that was supposed to be taken care of a week ago but he thought it was today.

I said no that was the 8th, he said what is today then, I said the 15th, he was just wondering how he missed a week. I reminded him that the kids were sick and it was a wash.

He does have an 8-5 job with slight flexibility. I mean he could go in late or leave early when needed. We really want to start our own business so he can be here and have more freedom but right now we are just so thankful that he has a job.

To bring this around to unschooling and living and learning and following our interests, you just can't schedule real learning. Learning happens, life happens it's what we do with it that matters.

I am thrilled to report that the sickness is past and the sounds in my house are back to normal.

Lots of playing going on, imagination abounds. A little arguing too :)

My kids follow their interests and do so many things throughout the day. Not one bit looks like school and all of it is learning.

I little while ago I walked in my room to see price tags on all of our stuff, I guess they were having a sale...

I can't possibly list everything they do and you probably aren't interested.

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unschoolermom said...

I totally agree! I am not a scheduler at all! I do have to be to work by a certain time; and when my sons have classes, we have to be there by a certain time - but nothing else is scheduled! I'm glad everyone is feeling better!