Sunday, December 07, 2008

$30 million


Obama has $30 million in surplus from his campaign and isn't sure what to do with it.


Mr. Spread the Wealth it's pretty obvious what to do with it.

Give it to all of those people who voted for you. Split it up and they'll each get a couple of bucks.

See when you spread the wealth and the rich become poor so that everyone is the same is like saying no one matters. It's mediocrity at it's finest, just like public school. Let's even the field, dumb everyone down so that nobody can succeed.

Everyone is the same, vanilla, yuck!

I don't want your money and guess what it isn't your money. I don't want the government's money, it isn't theirs either.

It's hard working, tax payers money, you can't just go doing what you want with it. Well apparantly you can, we have no say in where our tax dollars go.

I'm still in awe that Mr. 1/2 black, born in Kenya, privileged life, friend of terrorists and racists, socialist, elitest, got elected.


Ask me how I really feel!?


JoAnn said...

I stay away from the news so I had no idea he had such a surplus. Wow! Oh and we filled up for the $27 this weekend too!

Donna said...

so Stephanie, how do you really feel that Obama got elected, ROFLOL : )

I feel your pain! It's gonna be a tough 4 years, hope it doesn't turn into 8!

Heather said...

oh girl... don't even get me started on the bullsh*t he is about to bring upon us.

I keep saying... "I've been proud to be an American. I've been ashamed to be an American. But I've never been scared to be an American, until now."