Friday, December 05, 2008

get together

Yesterday was our weekly get together with the homeschoolers we have been meeting.

We went to Pump it Up, it is a place that has those huge blow up bouncy things the kids can jump and slide and bounce away on.

Of course they had a blast.

I was able to talk with a few moms, it is so weird that I am not the one chasing toddlers, nursing babies or changing diapers anymore.


It is a fact that my kids really are growing up, we have been out of the baby stage for awhile now and it is bittersweet.

I enjoy watching the others with their little ones but I don't have that longing anymore.

I am happy to watch my children grow and wait for grandbabies.

We met our group there but also some friends that we haven't seen in a long time were there too, they also homeschool.

She is always picking my brain and asking me questions, she is very intrigued by radical unschooling. She talks to all sorts of homeschoolers to get a feel of where they are and how they do things.

She uses me as a reference point, which is funny. She is very relaxed in their homeschooling but she gets nervous if a few days go by and she feels like they didn't *do* enough reading or math or whatever. She told me that is when she thinks of me and wonders what I would do and knows that I don't *do school* of any sort.

I told her I am far off the spectrum and that I don't know anyone in person who is where I am but I have a few online friends who are.


Tina said...

When I look back, I realize how fun and tiring it was at the time, but I so much more enjoy my teenagers now.

Also, when you look at how much you actually do filling your days with how you want to spend them, isn't a great feeling that yours and my kids are living a free life?

D. Lollard said...

I'm one of those "people on the Internet" but I'll speak up and affirm that my family, too, does unschooling, by which I mean we don't force "educational" activities.

Well, we do take our daughter to classes at the YMCA or wherever, but that's stuff she's interested in and enjoys--so she's more likely to be actually learning from it! We hear other homeschoolers complain about how their kid HATES reading, or they have to MAKE their kid do math. Not us!