Sunday, December 21, 2008


Over the years I have prayed a lot.

My relationship with God has never changed, my beliefs and practices have.

I no longer believe in any religious doctrine nor attend any institution..

I just believe.

I have faith but it's easy to lose sight of it when you are going through tough times or when all of your kids are barfing...

Last week our weather was forcasting rain and cold weather every day of the week.

Jason had a sidejob scheduled for Friday and Saturday and he needed dry weather because he does it in our driveway.

We really needed this job and I was praying about the rain ceasing for two days so he could get it done.

I have prayed about what seems like a simple thing in the past and I know God hears me. I believe that God does listen no matter how big or small our prayers may be.

So it rained all week and there was rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.

I kept praying and Friday came and it was 70 degrees, no rain...

Saturday came and it was dark and gloomy all day and colder and Jason got the job done late in the afternoon.

Within 2 minutes of him pulling out of the driveway to test drive it started pouring. I mean hard rain, my kids were outside and they got drenched instantly.

I paused and thanked God because he once again showed me that he hears me and he cares and He can do anything He wants to.

Something like this just renews my faith and makes me smile and feel so thankful.


Just Me said...

I heard someone say last week that our faith can only grow when we're in the pit of despair. I absolutely disagree with that. I think you have put it much more correctly here: that our faith grows in the little concerns that God helps us with. If He will take of our small issues, how much more the big ones! Great post.

unschoolermom said...

Little things definitely mean the most! Not too long ago, I mentioned on my blog how my three-year old had lost a favorite toy - a toy rabbit. I looked all over the house, praying I would find it before he woke up. My dog then wanted outside. When I looked in the yard, there was a rabbit sitting there just as pretty as you please. Beside the rabbit was Nathanael's toy rabbit. God definitely hears all of our prayers! Thank you for reminding us of this with this post!


Show Us The World said...

I always marvel at the ways God shows me how personal and intimate He is with me. Thank you for helping me to remember that today.