Friday, October 31, 2008


Here they are before trick or treating.
Jason has on Cassie's witch hair wig, she said it bothered her so he put it on and was being an old British rockstar. He went out like that too with sunglasses on and an accent.
When we got home they dumped out all the candy and ate a lot, made some trades and packed it up for later.


unschoolermom said...

Looks good. :^) My sons opted just for Halloween shirts today, deciding against the Star Wars storm trooper and Batman costumes that they had to buy, of course. LOL. But they had loads of fun and they have already gotten some use out of the costumes. I do like Jason's hair. Very creative!


Deanne said...

Is that Luke Skywalker in front? Boy, he takes his role seriously! ;)

justjuls said...

Ha ha!
Now that we have actually met y'all - it makes this photo so endearing! Awesome. Looks like everybody had fun!

Anonymous said...

happy halloween- you guys look great- hope you had a fun time

Donna said...

Great picture. What'd you dress as : )

I only had my youngest go out this year. My "8th" grader has decided she is told for Halloween : (

Glad to see everyone had a good time.