Friday, October 17, 2008

It's not about race part 2

This is appalling and a sad state our country is still in.

This election is about principles and the fundamental differences between the candidates, it's not about race. I can sum it up very simply:

Socialism or Capitalism, you choose.

Obama could be as white as sour cream or purple for all I care and he would not get my vote. Please remember he has a white mother, he is only half black.

McCain could be black or green or blue and he would still get my vote.

I am not a racist, I don't care what color your skin is, if we are going to be friends it's because of the person you are.

So because you are white and vote for McCain you are a racist but if you are black and vote for Obama you aren't.


Pure and simple.


Donna said...

don't you know it's us white trash who are clinging to our guns and religion who won't vote for Obama. We're the backwoods hicks who don't know any better. We're not enlightened or progressive enough to know we need to vote for a black man, ANY black man, because we need to atone for the sins of our evil ancestors. C'mon Steph, get with the program! : )_

Heather said...

Wow! That poor girl! What a great thing! A 12 year old interested in politics. You just don't see that every day.

Both candidates scare me EQUALLY. I'm completely fed up with the two party system. I'm voting third party. Call it wasted. I call it smart. :-)

Donna said...

John McCain is no where near as scary as Obama. Sorry, but I'll take a patriot over a socialist anyday. As the bumper sticker says: Better an Imperfect Republican than a Perfect Socialist. And Obama plans to turn our country into a socialist one. And all his cronies will happily help him. We should all be very afraid, of Obama!

Idzie Desmarais said...

I was just browsing through blogs, and as an unschooler I find unschooling blogs interesting. You're honestly the first unschooler I've come across who is not voting for Obama! Just out of my own curiosity, and if you don't mind my asking of course, I'd love to know why... Thanks :)


Stephanie said...

Hello Idzie :)

It's nice to meet someone who is unschooled.

For starters you could check the label list in my sidebar for Politics, as I have been blogging about it lately.

You may have inspired a new post for me I could call *Why I'm not voting for Obama*. I'll think about it, if I could get it all down.

As unschoolers we tout freedom I am actually surprised why so many lean left. I don't want big government and I certainly don't want Socialism.

Donna said...

I look forward to reading that blog post. But, as a fellow unschooler, it would never have even crossed my mind to vote for Obama. It would never cross my mind to vote democrat. They are not for homeschoolers, they are for regulation. More and more rules imposed upon you, the private citizen. Want your right to homeschool to go away, vote for Obama.

Idzie Desmarais said...

Interesting that you guys look at things that way... Honestly, as a Canadian, we are a much more socialized country, and I see so many benefits to that. Actually, I'm not sure I've ever heard arguments against the socialization of health care and such. Are you against that as well? Public health care has saved so many lives! I personally lean about as far left as it is possibly to go. I'm a green anarchist, and to me the environment is THE most important thing, since without that, we will not live. Anyway, thanks for your reply, and I'll check out your other posts...