Friday, October 24, 2008

A little more *me*

My blood pressure really went up so I called the nurse this morning and left a message.

Today was the park day with some homeschoolers and I was trying to relax. I just met a couple of these women and here I was dumping my problems on them... They were really nice, I like them, one mom is getting her BA in alternative medicine and wants to be a midwife.

It was a nice time and it does feel good to meet people that you feel like you can just be yourself around, I don't think I scared them. Of course we didn't talk about too many hot topics, must ease into that.

So we left the park and went to Kroger and then headed home, my heart was racing and I was getting a headache.

I tried to lay down but knew that I had to get Cassie to soccer practice very soon.

The nurse called and confirmed what my dear husband said, it sounds like hormones...

Oh don't worry he always tells me I don't listen to him...

So she gave me a few things to try and also told me to take another BP pill.
I did that right before I left for soccer, I was feeling okay while we were there.
I also had another homeschool mom to chat with and we were talking about hormones because I mentioned peri-menopause and she said that someone else just said that to her.

We had fun, she has a great sense of humor.

When we got home I was feeling *drugged* and finally my BP got down to normal.

Oh my gosh, this is insane, too much estrogen, anyone?!!!

The nurse said this should pass and wants me to keep track of symptoms and dates. I need to make sure I use the progesterone cream religiously and I also am taking Estro-Logic, it's an herbal supplement to balance hormones.

So I'm not crazy I'm just a little hormonal.

I admit to being scared, high blood pressure is scary and it doesn't feel good.


Heather said...

Hang in there Stephanie!! Praying for you, from one hormonal girl to another! It sucks, I know!

Tina said...

I really hope this all starts to get straightened out for you. It's weird that it all fluctuates so much for you.

Donna said...

Sorry you have to go through this. I too am in peri-menopause, I have plenty of other symptoms, but not the high blood pressure. Praying that this will go away for you.

unschoolermom said...

I'm praying for you!


justjuls said...

You're crazy too! But we like you that way around here!
It has been a hormonal week for me too - so I can sympathize.
Love ya girl!

L. J. Lowe said...

OH, I so hope your feeling better today! Both you and Juls worry me with all of your health issues lately.