Friday, October 17, 2008

The right fit...NOT!

I received a Fashion Bug gift card for my birthday and I have been hanging on to it because I have been working on losing weight.

I was ok with clothes for the summer but now that temps are starting to go down I really need some pants. I ordered two pairs and used their sizing chart by my measurements.

My pants arrived today and they are way too BIG!

My husband can't figure out how that is a problem.

Well it is a good thing but it is a problem because I don't have any pants.

I'm going to find where a store is and see if I can exchange them it would cost too much money to return them.

For the inquiring minds, I've lost 22 pounds now, boy it is going slow, but it's going :)

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Deanne said...

I was wondering. ;) That's wonderful! You are doing great! Way to go!