Friday, October 31, 2008

Mild thoughts

I just got out of the tub and I do spend time in there thinking. I try to relax and I do, the hot water helps me tremendously. Many times I *write* in my head and can't ever do it justice in writing when I get out.

I also am so *on* when I'm pre-menstrual, there are many yucky things about that but my thoughts are clear, I'm funny and I'm so serious on my soapboxes that I'm awesome. You wouldn't know that in my writing, as I have stated this isn't my strong suit, I am actively working on expressing my thoughts in the written word. My blog gets the very watered down version of what I really think and it's probably best that way.

Last weekend I was spot on, I was discussing politics, racism and unschooling at a friend's house. There were other people there that don't really know me and I told my friend that I hope I didn't scare them. She said no it was fine they just don't know you and now they do :)

So now my estrogen surge is over, this is a good thing. I took my blood pressure before I went to the bath and it was 97/66 with a heart rate of 61 and I wasn't even sitting that long, I've been up and down all night.

A far cry from a week ago at 143/98, HR 103, wow I'm A-OK right now. Although I did get a spike yesterday due to the cell phone fiasco it was nothing compared to the estrogen.

Thank you Deanne for putting things in perspective and for caring so much. I admit that I am a little pissed that the phone company won't wipe out all of the charges. I believe they should and my husband and I are having a tif over it. He says it's not their fault well shit it isn't ours, we didn't make the damn charges...

Ok I'm getting all pissed off again I guess I need to let it go I just wonder where the money is coming from to pay for this loser charging up our bill.
Maybe I should call Barack, he'll take care of it...

Ok I stopped myself from progressing I said this was mild.

I took the kids to the homeschool park day, they dressed up and we all brought snacks to share. The kids had a great time and so did the moms. I just met these ladies a few weeks ago and they are really nice. You know last week I was a hormonal high blood pressure mess.

So now we have one more soccer game at an ungodly hour and Cassie's birthday and my mom is coming to visit.

Also Jason said he wants to get the house in sellable condition and move out of the city for more land and a smaller mortgage.

We have lots to do to make that a reality.

Houses in our neighborhood sell very fast, I'm sure it's the level, you know middle income. Our house needed a complete overhaul and we are probably half way through it. We haven't done much with it in the past year so now it's time.

It's probably good that I haven't unpacked everything.

I still have my clothes in a box, well the box is broken out the one side, even my clothes won't go in the box, LOL! I have never been in the box, I just can't conform to anyone or anything, I am definitely unique, I am me, I got that going for me :)

If you could talk to me for a while you would know what I mean.

So this is probably boring you to tears, sometimes I am better when I'm fired up.


justjuls said...

Even if it isn't their fault - the phone company - like credit card companies should be able to see that this usage is outside of your "norm" and absorb the cost. None of the things you are paying for cost them anything - they were electronic. It is so irritating. I am ticked off for you.

justjuls said...

So glad your BP is down - mine is up up up.