Tuesday, October 07, 2008

what's happening

Baseball season ended Saturday, my son's team won and ended with a 10 and 2 record. My son had a great experience and is talking about playing in the spring also. We have this week off of soccer because school here is out for a fall break and soccer takes a week off too, go figure. After this week off we have 3 more weeks of soccer.

We are spending our sportsless week cleaning and decluttering. The house has gone to pot and I am doing spring cleaning in the fall.

I have worked really hard the past two days and my body hurts and I'm tired.

There is so much to do!

We will be having a visitor in the next week who I have been waiting to meet for what seems like forever, I will post pictures and give more details when it happens.

Also in early November my mom is coming for 4 days and she is staying with us, she'll be bunking with Cassie. I just cleaned her room today, it usually takes 2 days but I did it in a few hours, wow! She did help a bit too and now she is loving it, she told me she'll try to keep it clean until grandma comes :)

Also my aunt and uncle from NY will be visiting at the same time, they will stay in a hotel nearby.

We will be having Cassie's birthday party when they are all here too.

I have to get my house in order for a party and company and having grandma stay with us.

It's long overdue I have let things go for too long, I used to be so compulsive and my house used to be so clean.

I was sick for so long and then we have been playing sports and it's all I could do to keep up with daily stuff.

It just piled up so much that I have felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin.

I am better now and working on getting healthier everyday. I will just do what I can each day to get this house in shape.

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Sarah said...

I love having visitors to my home for the very reason...to keep my house moderately, acceptably CLEAN. And, I am envious of you one of your visitors will be Julie (right?)!!!! Enjoy the glorious time together. AND you need to take care of yourself. Cleaning is hardwork :0)