Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tax cut, laughable

My new friend over at Pasedena closet conservative did a post about Obama's *tax cut*

You have to actually go to Obama's site and it has a small video of untruths and there is a spot to put in your annual income and deductions. It only had 3+ for exemptions, of course we have 6. It also asked for how much we owe on our mortgage , I left that blank. It's not relevant and you know that spyware could be watching, LOL!

Anyhoo it puts up Obama and McCain with a dollar amount next to it. So according to this calculation the difference for us is $3, yes I said $3. Wow Barack, thanks so much, NOT!!!! You can keep it!

We don't even want a tax cut, we just don't want a tax increase and apparantly we have moved into a higher bracket. My husband is making a little bit more than last year, you know every little bit gets taxed my friends.

Some people don't care especially the liberal left wing Hollywood. If Obama really wants to *spread the wealth*, he can share some of his $150,000,000 he raised in September. Why spend all of that money on hate ads for McCain? Give it to the poor Barack, please share it with us...

With our so called bad economy somebody is sure raking in the dough, possibly from unsure sources too, things that make you go hmmmmm....

He is lying, there is no tax break for 95% of Americans when 40% don't even pay taxes.

I am appalled at all of his blind followers, this man is freaking me out, he gives off terrible vibes. Don't be fooled, his change is not the right change, full blown socialism is not the direction this country needs to go.


I'm just baffled!

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Donna said...

I'm as baffled as you. I just don't understand how people are swayed by his lies. Ugh!