Sunday, November 02, 2008

kid's say

The kids have been eating candy since we got home last night.

They had dumped it all out on the table to sort and trade, the older kids picked theirs up and took it to their rooms. Jared left his out on the table and kept coming back and grabbing something and going off to play.

Late last night he said, "Will someone pick that candy up because everytime I see it, it makes me want to eat it."

Today was Cassie's last soccer game and it's also her 9th birthday. They had donuts and cupcakes after the game.

We came home and the kids still went to their candy stash and nibbled throughout the day.

A little while ago Cassie asked me if I dared her to not eat candy for two days. I paused a moment and then said sure I dare you. She said, "Then please take it and hide it so I don't know where it is."

I just thought these were funny things they said, I think they are realizing their personal limits.

We are having her birthday party next weekend when grandma is here from Texas.

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