Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's all good

I have been so absorbed lately with my hormonal issues that I haven't been doing much blogging. Hell after my political rantings I'm trying to figure out how to get back to unschooling.

I mean our lives haven't changed, we live and learn everyday. We follow our interests, we read, play, watch tv, play games, create, explore, imagine, draw, build, cook, clean, live, laugh and love.

We work through our differences and work on respecting each other. I admit this isn't always easy especially when one child is just being tough and not wanting to see the other side. With everything in life we work through it.

Kids are so funny, Jared still sleeps with us and we asked him yesterday when we get him a bed does he want to share a room with his brothers or his sister. He looked at us and as serious as he could said, "We'll discuss this later."

Jason and I just laughed, it was so funny.

Hmmmm do you think he has heard that before?

I am so thankful to have such an awesome husband and kids.

I am so blessed!

They put up with my stuff.

Although I can't quite control my stuff lately, you know crying for no reason is really a pain...


justjuls said...

Aw - you do have a great family.
I can just picture him saying that too! ha ha I love his personality.

unschoolermom said...

I love your post! Nathanael always sleeps with us, and Taliesin still does part of the time as well.


Tina said...

That's sweet.

Our unschooling off spring ARE so different than others aren't they?