Thursday, November 20, 2008

You know you are a hormonal freak when...

You burst out crying for no apparant reason.

Anyone seen The Holiday with Cameron Diaz?

That's me, I don't cry easy, I would go through the motions and try so hard but nothing would come out.

Well for the past few days I just start crying, ugh this is so out of character for me.

You can go from laughing to crying to snapping at your husband to being impatient with your kids at the drop of a hat.

Oh you are hungry again!

You're kidding right?

Feed yourself!

You crave salt.

You have anxiety.

You feel like you are freaking out.

You have blood pressure surges.

The clutter is getting to you.

You have cleaning spurts.

You have bitching spurts.

You wonder what the hell is wrong with you.

You drop things.

You run into things.

You can't remember shit.

You are an emotional roller coaster.

You get hot flashes. But never when you are cold and really want one.

Peri-menopause anyone?

I welcome been there done that advice or I'm with you support.

Pass the chocolate and don't forget the wine.

My dear husband told me to get a glass of wine, go take a hot bath and don't tell the kids. This was after I started bawling for no apparant reason a couple hours ago. He told me I was at my peak. Hallelujah get me off this damn mountain I need sanity, not some freakin roller coaster ride.

I should just embrace this right, enjoy the ride, life is a journey.

Welcome to my journey friends I bet you wish I was back on politics, HA HA probably not those of you on the opposite side!


As I look back I have been slowly progressing since I was 34, the last month has been the worst, I'm only 37.

I'm sure I have many more wonderful symptoms to share with you but right now I just want to get my damn period and move on!


Grace Walker said...

Wow, sounds like you are going through it. I'm so sorry. :o( Although I'm not there in person, I surely am in spirit and heart and I'm sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. I hope you're able to get some sound sleep tonight. I'm heading that way now because between the physical stuff and the emotional, I'm plain exhausted! Goodnight, my dear friend.

Jenny said...

You know, I am officially post-menopausal at the age of 39. I guess one good thing about doing it unnaturally is that you skip all that stuff. Hopefully I missed it and will never get it.


unschoolermom said...

I'm sorry. :^( Does not sound like fun at all!