Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Texas snake

I love google, we just type in our query and the answer comes up. Last night we were looking up mayflies and mosquito eaters, I thought they were the same but they are not. It turns out what we call mosquito eaters are crane flies and my room was full of them last night.

Texas garter snake (picture from google images)in my backyard making my dogs go crazy. Kieran went out with a big stick and it was striking at the dogs. They chased it and it finally got away under our fence.
We get Texas ticks here and garter snakes, can't TX keep their own.


justjuls said...

Oh god please no - let us share the bugs and snakes with the rest of the world. Texas is not big enough for them all. They are here aplenty.

Tina said...

I was going to say that Julie wouldn't want them to stay where she is----she doesn't even want to stay there!! But she beat me to it.

Ugh...snakes. That is one thing that I have been lucky to do without. Never have seen a snake in our yard in 10 years.

Going to knock on wood now.